Recognition 7

On Saturday/Sunday February 20th/21st, Matt and Shaun from TennisPlus+ Coaching coached/managed 20 players at the Otago Junior Tournament at Logan Park.

6 (1)1


Results for Girls in Coaching Group:

PipMaia10 GirlsIlana

(Left to Right: Maia Hunter, Pippa Sherriff, Isabel Parry, Sophia Kevill, Claudia Christie, Mya Haigh, Ilana Goossens)

Girls 9 and Under Singles: Mya Haigh 2nd.

Girls 10 and Under Singles: Isabel Parry 1st, Claudia Christie 2nd, Sophia Kevill 3rd.

Girls 10/9 and Under Combined Doubles: Sophia Kevill/Isabel Parry 2nd, Mya Haigh 3rd, Claudia Christie 4th.

Girls Singles 12/14: Maia Hunter 1st, Pippa Sherriff 2nd

Girls 12/14 Doubles: Maia/Pippa 1st

Girls 16 and Under Singles: Ilana Goossens 4th

Girls 16 and Under Doubles: Ilana Goossens 2nd, Annabelle Alloo 4th

Results for Boys in Coaching Group:


(Left to Right: Daniel Lund, Hamish Faulks)

Boys Singles 9 and Under: Lucas Townend 3rd, Jordy Sherriff 4th

Boys Singles 10 and Under: Sam Sherburd 3rd, Jerry Lamond-Dolan 4th

Boys 9/10 Doubles: Jerry/Sam 3rd, Lucas/Jordy 4th

Boys Singles 12 and Under: Hamish Faulks 1st, Daniel Lund 2nd

Boys Doubles 12 and Under: Felix Townend 2nd, George Higham/Daniel Lund 3rd, Hamish Faulks 4th

Boys Doubles 14 and Under: Angus Faulks 3rd

Well done everyone! Matt and I look forward to the next individual tournament.

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