Recognition 3

Pippa Sherriff (middle), Maia Hunter (left)  and Daniel Lund (right) as well as Ayoub Ahmad have qualified for the next stage of the Primary/Intermediate Schools competition.


On Friday November 6th they participated in the local competition – Maia playing in the year 7/8 grade, Pippa in the year 6 and under grade with both Ayoub and Dan playing in the boys year 7/8 grade.

Pippa (seeded number 1) had a slightly easier run having a BYE in the first round then playing Sophia Kevill (another TennisPlus+ student) winning 4/0, 4/0. She then played Penny Temple (number 2 seed) in the final and won convincingly 4/0, 4/1. Draw link (Click here)

Maia (seeded number 2) played Georgia Copeman in her first round winning that well 6/2, 6/1. She then played Camryn Bain (seeded number 4) in the semi-final and won in an even more convincing fashion 6/0, 6/0. In the final she faced Annalise Wilson (seeded number 1) but couldn’t pull out the win losing 6/4 6/4. Maia created some opportunities in both sets but couldn’t convert them. Draw link (Click here)

Ayoub (seeded number 2) had a BYE in the first round then played Fyn Edwards in the quarter-final winning 6/0, 6/1. In the semi-final he defeated Harry Scott 6/0, 6/0 then moved onto the final to play Angus Faulks. Ayoub won his final convincingly 6/1, 6/2. Draw link (Click here)

Dan (seeded number 4) had a tougher time getting a BYE in the first round then running into Mason Bell in the quarter-final, winning that 6/1,6/3. He ran into Angus Faulks (seeded number 1) in the semi-final losing that 6/0,6/0. He then went on to play for 3rd and 4th position (top 3 qualify) against Harry Scott and won that convincingly 6/1, 6/1. Draw link (Click here)

Pippa, Maia, Ayoub and Dan have qualified for the next round which is for the top spots in the Southern region. This includes the top players in their respective grades from North Otago, South Canterbury, Southland and Southern Lakes. The top players from this competition (played on Thursday November 12th in Dunedin) will determine who goes on to compete in the South Island competition in Timaru towards the end of the month.

Good Luck Maia, Pippa, Ayoub and Dan!

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