Recognition 9

TennisPlus+ students did very well at the Tennis Otago Prize giving held on Sunday April 3rd. Most of the junior awards were won by TennisPlus+ students which is indicative of how much time and effort we as coaches put into our students.


(Left to Right): Pippa Sherriff, Lachlan Kenneally, Isabel Parry, Ilana Goossens, Daniel Lund.

Pippa Sherriff: Pippa won the 12 Girl’s player of the year award.

Lachlan Kenneally: Lachie won the 16 Boy’s player of the year award as well as overall boy’s player of the year award.

Isabel Parry: Isabel won the 10 Girl’s player of the year award.

Ilana Goossens: Ilana won the 14 Girl’s Player of the year award as well as most improved girl.

Daniel Lund: Dan won the most improved boy award.

Congratulations also to the following TennisPlus+ players for making Otago teams in March 2016:

10 Boys Team: Sam Sherburd, Bronson Monga, Jerry Lamond-Dolan, Jordy Sherriff, Lucas Townend. Unfortunately Sam was unavailable but that allowed Esteban Garcia to make the Otago team for the very first time. This was also the first time for both Jordy Sherriff and Lucas Townend.


(Left to Right): Esteban Garcia, Jordy Sherriff, Lucas Townend, Bronson Monga, Jerry Lamond-Dolan.

10 Girls Team: Isabel Parry, Sophia Kevill, Claudia Christie, Mya Haigh. Unfortunately Isabel fractured her ankle at School Camp and Sophia was unavailable. This however gave Claudia and Mya the opportunity to represent Otago for the first time.

10 Girls

(Left to Right): Isabel Parry, Sophia Kevill, Claudia Christie, Mya Haigh.

12 Girl’s Team: Pippa Sherriff, Maia Hunter. Unfortunately both Pippa and Maia had to withdraw through injury which left the team very weak. Claudia Christie ended up being moved from the 10 girl’s team to the 12’s team as a result of this.


Maia Hunter and Pippa Sherriff

12 Boy’s Team: Daniel Lund

16 Girl’s Team: Ilana Goossens, Annabelle Alloo, Kiriana Hunter

16 Boy’s Team: Lachlan Kenneally

Well done to you all!

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