TennisPlus+ 1/2 and 3/4 Court Champs

The TennisPlus+ 1/2 Court and 3/4 Court Championships is a competition designed to give young children the opportunity to play matches outside of their school environment (ladder challenges). This competition will also be used to create and maintain the Dunedin 1/2 and 3/4 court ladders.

This competition will be run every school term. Summer terms (term 4 and term 1) will be run on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Edgar Centre. Winter terms (term 2 and 3) will be run on Fridays and Sundays at the Edgar Centre. This IS NOT for everyone – only children who are on their school’s 1/2 Court ladders or who have been talent identified are allowed to enrol. Why? Because it takes a high level of skill for a 7 year old to be able to serve underarm then rally with both forehands and backhands (Refer to videos below to see 1/2 Court matches in progress).

Schools we have visited and have ladders: Elm Grove, Silverstream, Abbotsford, MacAndrew Bay, Maori Hill, St Brigids, Fairfield, St Clair, Tainui, East Taieri, Bradford and Sacred Heart. More will be added soon!


NB: If you believe your child is good enough to play but is NOT on one of the School ladders or we just don’t know them, please send an email to and we will endeavour to create a talent identification day. Please include in this email your child’s name, date of birth, school, your name and cell phone number.


Below is a video example of kids talent identified from Maori Hill School in term 1 2016:

Below is a video example of a 1/2 Court Tournament at the Edgar Centre:

Children will be split up as follows:

6 Year Old Boys; 6 Year Old Girls; 7 Year Old Boys; 7 Year Old Girls; 8 Year Old Boys; 8 Year Old Girls; 9 Year Old Boys; 9 Year Old Girls; 10 Year Old Boys; 10 Year old Girls.

Competition Details:

NB: You DO NOT have to commit to every Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can enrol your child to as few or as many days as you wish. Your child is enrolling as an individual not a team so there is more flexibility with this competition regarding how many days you choose.


Term 3 2017 Dates FRIDAYS – (Edgar Centre): (1)Friday July 28th (2)Friday August 4th (3)Friday August 11th (4)Friday August 18th (5)Friday August 25th NB: No Tennis September 1st (6)Friday September 8th NB: No Tennis September 15th (7)Friday September 22nd (8)Friday September 29th

Start Time: (Round 1: 4.30pm) (Round 2: 5.15pm) NB: Number of rounds needed is dictated by the number of entries per Friday.

Term 3 2017 Dates SUNDAYS – (Edgar Centre): (1)Sunday July 30th (2)Sunday August 6th NB: No Tennis August 13th (3)Sunday August 20th (4)Sunday August 27th NB: No Tennis September 3rd and 10th (5)Sunday September 17th

Start Time: (Round 1: 10.15am) NB: Number of rounds needed is dictated by the number of entries per Sunday.

NB: Children are more than welcome to play on both Friday’s and Sunday’s if they want to.


Term 4 2017 Dates SATURDAYS – (Edgar Centre): (1)Saturday October 21st (2)Saturday October 28th (3) Saturday November 4th NB: No tennis November 11th (4)Saturday November 18th (5)Saturday November 25th (6)Saturday December 2nd (7)Saturday December 9th

Start Time: (Round 1: 9.45am) (Round 2: 10.30am) (Round 3: 11.15am) NB: Number of rounds needed is dictated by the number of entries.

Term 4 2017 Dates SUNDAYS – (Edgar Centre): (1)Sunday October 22nd (2)Sunday October 29th (3)Sunday November 5th NB: No tennis November 12th (4)Sunday November 19th (5)Sunday November 26th (6)Sunday December 3rd (7)Sunday December 10th

Start Time: (Round 1: 10.15am) NB: Number of rounds needed is dictated by the number of entries per Sunday.

NB: Children are more than welcome to play on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s if they want to.

Matches: Each child will play a minimum of 3 x 9 minute matches per Sunday/Saturday/Wednesday enrolled (Depends on number of entries). Children will be placed into pools of 4 and play a round robin each week.

Cost: $5.00 per tournament. $2.50 Edgar Centre Door Charge to be paid at front desk which is separate to the $5.00 tournament fee.

Draws: Draws will be placed on the password protected parent webpage and you will receive a text with a link to that page.

Equipment: All equipment provided (including racquets) or you can bring your own racquet.

Parents/Caregivers Page (Click here) NB: The password will be text to you once your child is enrolled.

This is a great and convenient way for your child to develop their tracking, footwork, body-co-ordination and racquet skills. This is also a great way to get that much needed exercise in on a Sunday morning in winter and a Saturday morning in summer as the number of steps each child makes in tennis will be substantially higher than other sports as your child is ALWAYS actively involved in every point.

The next progression after 1/2 Court for your child is 3/4 Court. Tournaments on the 3/4 Court will be organised when children are deemed ready to move on from the 1/2 Court.


3/4 Court – Chalk Lines

Benefits of playing tennis: Please (Click here)

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